Breakfast Show / Al Muir

Breakfast just got a little bigger with Al Muir, who will be waking you up in the mornings, every Monday to Friday. With a happy-go-lucky attitude and a positive vibe, we’re delighted that Al is back with his must hear show! You can also catch Al on his Tuesday Night Rock Show, 8-10pm.

Daytime Show / Coral Halliwell

Coral Halliwell will be with you every weekday from 10am until 1pm. Coral, who has a BA in Acting, promises you a light-hearted show filled with lots of giggles and feel good music to help get you through the day, whether you’re in work or at home with the kids.

Afternoon Show / Tamsin Mathias

A newbie to presenting, Tamsin brings you an action packed show with some awesome hits from back in the day! With her bright personality, you’re sure to have a laugh or two listening to her show. Catch Tamsin’s show weekdays from 1pm until 4pm!

Drivetime Show / Gavin Young

The outrageous and hilarious Gavin Young is the newest member of Herald Radio, bringing you a fantastic Drivetime Show every weekday from 4pm until 7pm.
Originally from Milton Keynes, Gavin has lived in Pembrokeshire for 15 years. With a mouth that could make your granny cry, he’s agreed to mind his Ps and Qs whilst on air to bring you a show that will have you laughing the entire time, coupled with some absolutely cracking tunes!


Monday Night Comedy Club / Coral Halliwell
Monday, 8-10pm

Coral Halliwell brings you the Monday Night Comedy Club from 8pm-10pm. New to presenting, Coral will be bringing her energetic and comedic personality along to Monday evenings. Coral, who has a BA in Acting promises to start off the week with some laughter, and will give you an insight into the world of comedy with interviews, games and stories. Who else knows what will happen?

Rock Show / Al Muir
Tuesday, 8-10pm

Al Muir is a real rock music veteran having played with some of the most prolific heavy metal bands in Wales. This show will be high octane (not for the faint hearted) and will deliver some outstanding rock music every Tuesday night from 8pm.

Tectonic / Eddie Loco
Thursday, 8-10pm

Hot property right now this Drum & Bass promotions collective drop some big events in the nightlife of West Wales and are bringing us big beats with guest mixes Thursday nights from 8pm.

Danny Slade Dance Show
Friday, 8-10pm

DJ, producer, journalist, promoter and with more musical notes running in his blood than any other human, Danny Slade presents a dance music show every Friday from 8pm with guest mixes from various DJs he’s met over the many years in the industry.

Afterworld Sessions
Friday, 10pm-12

Afterworld Sessions Radio show supports quality trance genres and dance music from around the globe and mixed by artists from the Afterworld labels roster of Afterworld Recordings & Virtual Music Media DJs. A must for any dance music lover!


Saturday Morning Show/ Stan Berry
Saturday, 10am-12

Join Stan Berry and Ray Heaven every Saturday morning for an action packed show! Stan and Berry promise you a show filled with lots of laughter and feel good music to wake you up and get you ready for the weekend.

Stan and Ray will be on air between 10am and 12pm every Saturday morning, right here on Herald Radio!

Saturday Sport Show / James Hemingray
Saturday, 12-2pm

Sports Editor for all four of The Herald’s newspapers and a degree in journalism, James brings you all of the latest and greatest sports news, just in time for the next big games of the season! Every week James talks passionately abut his favourite sports: Football, rugby and Ice Hockey. Tune in between every week to make sure you’re up to date with all of your sporting news!

Deuce Radio Show / Matt Barker
Saturday, 2-3pm

Herald Radio proudly presents the Deuce Radio Show, hosted by Matt Barker every Saturday afternoon. Matt will be talking about all of the music you should be listening to within the hour, from rock bands to folk music. Matt covers is all!

Tune in between 2pm and 3pm every Saturday to find out what Matt will uncover next!

90s Dance Mix Show
Saturday, 6-8pm

Herald Radio presents a dedicated show to the decade where Gameboys, Tamagotchis and glow sticks were all the rave! Totally 90’s is a 2hrs revival back to this unforgotten decade.

Dance Show / Ollie Salmon
Saturday, 8-10pm

Start your Sat evening of right with Ollie Salmon’s dance party. Playing you the latest top tracks in a way that for sure will set up your night on fire. A show not to be missed!

Great Destinations Radio Show / Keri Jones
Sunday, 8-9am

Globetrotter Keri Jones presents a mix of features, on-location reports, reviews and expert interviews to curious and interested travellers. Each week Keri shares stories and travel tips together with two professional travellers. If your looking for idea’s where to visit – this is the show for you!

The Chandler Show / Andy Chandler
Sunday, 1-4pm

Join Andy on a Sunday afternoon to help wash away the hangover with some feel-good vibes and top bants! A newbie to presenting, Andy is sure to bring you an action packed show to finish off your weekend.