Monday Night Comedy Club: Q&A with Coral Halliwell

The Monday Night Comedy Club takes place every Monday night between 8pm and 10pm, and is hosted by the wonderful Coral Halliwell.

We here at Herald Radio caught up with Coral to see what her specialist show is all about.

What interests you most about presenting the Monday Night Comedy Club?

“Being able to talk about something I love doing and being able to share stories with people.”

Who is your favourite comedian/enne and why?

“Sarah Millican – she actually makes me laugh! She’s honest and doesn’t really care, which I quite like. She’s a bit of a role model for me in that respect, so I look up to her.”

How long have you been a comedienne?

“18 months!”

Do you think the Monday Night Comedy Club brings something different to Herald Radio? If so, why?

“Yeah, because there’s not a lot of it out there in the way of comedy show on the radio, I don’t think. I think it brightens your Monday up, too. It’s a bit more cheery after the news and all that, isn’t it?”

What can people expect from the Monday Night Comedy Club?

“Surprise! It changes – it could be stories, it could be what I’ve been up to or I could be ranting! Eventually I want to do interviews with other comedians and promoters.”

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a comedienne?

“Juggling being a comedienne and being a mum, and working! Just trying to balance it and making sure you’ve got money is hard, but it’s work it because it’s all about doing something you love!”

Are there any pet hates of yours when it comes to comedy?

“Smug people – people who get up there and do material that’s been done by other comedians, and assume that they’re the best.

“Also, people assume that I can’t do comedy because I’m a female.”

You can catch the Monday Night Comedy Club with Coral Halliwell between 8pm and 10pm, every Monday night!



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